「AR Animation」Arcadia Earth NYC

Arcadia Earth is an environmentally conscious multi-media art exhibit in NYC. I was invited to create AR animations for this wonderful show. I worked with a NY based tech company Anyworld together on the Arcadia Earth App, which can be downloaded on the App Store, or accessed by renting an iPad at the show.

–Video Recap–

Some of the ‘Wow” animations:

— Microplastics —

Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that pollute the environment. They come from most plastic products and polyester clothing. This AR animation portrays the amount of microplastics around us that are invisible to human eyes.

— Plastic Cave —

This plastic cave is made with an amount of plastic bags (44,000) that is equivalent to what New Yorkers consume in one minute.

–Overfished Sardines–

Overfishing is the removal of a species of fish at a rate that the species cannot replenish in time, resulting in those species either becoming depleted or very underpopulated. This animation is designed to display the astonishing beauty of swarming sardines — an easy target of overfishing, and encourages viewers to consume consciously captured seafood.

–A “Deadly” Shark–

Even though sharks look a lot more destructive than a person, a lot more sharks are killed and consumed by humans than vice versa.

–Vortex Hole of Plastics–

This animation is positioned next to a daunting sculpture of ocean waves made of recycled plastics. The infinite vortex emitting plastics demonstrates the horrifying truth of our never-ending consumption of plastic waste.

–Bees Bees Bees! (video with sound)–

Who doesn’t love bees? They are these little creatures that spread pollen while making honey. They are an essential link to a beautiful and long-lasting environment. With this AR animation you can be surrounded by bees without having to worry about being stung!