「iOS Game」Chef Umami – A Sandbox Kitchen in Your Pocket

Chef Umami is a Mobile Cooking Game developed with Studio PINX in 2017.

Prepare delicious meals for your hungry little customers by using dozens of different ingredients and kitchenware. Fulfill their order in the way they want, or give your meal your own creative spin. With endless food combinations you can experiment with ingredients and create your own unique recipes.

— A Complete View of the Kitchen —

— A Fresh Fridge Full of Goodies–

–Dynamic Realistic Cutting & All Sorts of Ingredients, Including the Cactus! —

— Boil, Fry, Grill, or Burn! Cook Your Meal with Our Favorite Sauces. —

–Don’t Forget about Your Loyal Customers. They’re Here to be Fed or Surprised. —

More at chefumami.com