「VR Game」Feed Me, Kiss Me, Love Me — A Ridiculous Nanny Simulator

Feed Me, Kiss Me, love Me is a VR game made at the UnityNYC XR Jam 2019 and was awarded ‘Best in Jam’ (woo-hoo!).


–Full Gameplay–

You’re interviewing for a job at the daycare center, by babies.  You are challenged to multi-task in a chaotic and uncomfortable environment – ultimately running on the omni treadmill of hell trying to feed, kiss, and pacify the obnoxious and intolerable babies that fall from the sky and won’t stop crying.

The baby’s face was recorded with Depthkit who was a sponsor at the Hackathon and generously provided us with their amazing volumetric video recording service. The team had 4 people (team picture is on the top right corner).

Everyone in the team handled their own part pretty well and contributed a decent amount. It was quite an amazing collaborating experience. My part most 3D modeling, texturing & animations of the game.

We were invited by UnityNYC (also host of the XR Jam where the game was made) to present this game at Betaworks. Enjoy!