「Snapchat AR」Flatiron Pizza Lens

This is an AR lens for Snapchat’s new Location AR (Landmark) technology.

I was invited to create a lens for the Flatiron Building of New York. The concept was to turn the Flatiron Building into a giant pizza with a melting cheese top. Pepperonis were added with a tap on mobile.

The lens was featured in a Forbes article by AR VR evangelist & writer Charlie Fink:

This lens will be automatically accessible if the snapchat carousel is turned on right next to the building. This project is done with incredible help from the Snapchat team.

— A video of the Flatiron building on a sunny day —


–The lens was recreated for the Writer’s building at Snap Summit 2019 for demonstration of the Landmark technology–


–Original Proof of Concept–


— Work in Progress Screenshots —


— Preview Icons (for In-App Lens Previews) —