「Mobile Game」Opposites – A Taoism Puzzle Mobile Game

Opposites is a mobile puzzle game demo about Taoism and the philosophy of duality.

— Full Gameplay —

— Chapter 1: The Entrance Door —

This is the chapter that welcomes players to this surreal world of black and white. All the elements have their opposites, the sun and the moon, light and dark, left and right.

— Chapter 2: Two Cats —

This is a puzzle about space & negative space. Several 2D puzzle images are put together into the white cat’s shape, and a 3D cube is sculpted so that the black cat appears.

— Chapter 3: Too Much is Too Little —

This chapter presents players a single click/hold enabled action to add more elements to the picture. Eventually too much became too little.

Hold the screen to add more coins, only to realize that too many coins causes the bowl to flip.

Hold the screen to rain, the flower grows then dies of too much water.

Tap to welcome one more bird to the branch, eventually the branch fall off because of the weight.


— Chapter 4: Universe in the Bottle —

Chapter 4 begins with a round glass boiling flask. Every tap accelerates the timeline a little bit. As day & night changes, player enter the white flask only to find out a tiny mung bean — the type of bean that only needs water to grow. The bean grows and a bird came out of its bud. The bird flies across clouds after clouds throughout many days and nights, and died among sands in the end, and camera zooms out of the round flask.