「Mobile Game」Super Grandma! — Make Packing Fun Again

Super Grandma! is a game demo that turns a luggage packing event into a puzzle.

It was named Super Grandma because my grandma was a genius at packing luggages. She could always find some impossible angles and empty spaces for an extra pair of shoes or what not.

In this game, each unique suitcase shows the characteristics and lifestyles of the owner as well.

— Traveling Programmer–

The suitcase of a traveling programmer is the most minimal, with checkered shirts and a book. This was intended to be the tutorial level. Everything is very organized.

— College Girl —

The girl packing for her first year of college brings her favorite toy, shoes, tampon, 8 bags of ramen and many books.

— Punk Guitarist —

The punk guitarist travels with his/her favorite albums. Guitar cables, canvas shoes, synthesizers, etc.

The menu of this game was concept as luggages being delivered on a conveying belt.

Here is a video of the gameplay (with different experimenting styles):